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Black42Pay Company is aimed at developing the business of our WL partners, by introducing the latest technologies and solutions.

We are ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution for the White Label program. The only thing left for you is to sell services. Your company will have a fully branded software platform for electronic payment systems with your company logo and corporate style.

You will be able to directly cooperate with banks as a Third Party Processor (TPP) or Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) under your brand.

We give an opportunity to create your own trading platform, using your domain name and hosting with the chosen hosting provider – everything as you want! This allows our WL partners to focus on the most important – their customers.

Please, note – for a full WL partnership with Black42Pay, your company must be at least LP, registered in the European Economic Area, a site compliant with the PCI DSS standard, KYC/AML policy is mandatory, the site is on paid hosting.

To develop the site, you can contact our specialists. The cost is from € 500.

We would like to offer a White Label mobile application for electronic wallet for Android and iOS. At the moment, it has the following options:

- view account information;
- transfer of funds to the another user's wallet in the system;
- request for funds;
- view transaction history.

In the future the functionality of application will expand.

You can give your customers the opportunity to download the application by placing it to the Play Market (25 USD one-time registration fee), for iOS you can place the application on the App Store (99 USD per year). The cost of integration is 1000 USD one-time. The subscription fee is 0 USD.

For all who have their own payment software, we can offer services for auditing compliance with PCI DSS standards. Certified auditors of the company will help to go all the way from the analysis of the technical and organizational part to obtaining a certificate of compliance.

Стоимость услуг

Партнерская программа включает:

Просьба обратить внимание на то, что для партнерства по программе White Label ваша компания должна быть как минимум LTD, зарегистрированной в Европейской экономической зоне, а также соответствовать стандартам PCI DSS, следовать политикам KYC/AML и иметь сайт, размещенный на платном хостинге.

UAB "Kurbanas"
Reg Number: 304404840
60 Laisves ave., Vilnius, m. sav, Republic Lithuania

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