Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Effective January 01, 2020


    • This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the General Agreement posted on this web resource and of other contracts concluded with the Merchant and shall enter into force together with the General Agreement.
    • Pay2Bee shall take all necessary measures to ensure the security, confidentiality and protection of personal data and other information processed on this web resource.
    • By accessing this web resource and/or using the information and/or services provided by Pay2Bee, the Merchant and other third parties agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and acknowledge that they have read this Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaption, change, updating, use and dissemination (sale, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data and other information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Pay2Bee reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Policy at its sole discretion and, therefore, the Merchant and other third parties are strongly advised to read the latest version of this Privacy Policy before visiting this web resource.
    • As used in this Policy, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

Merchant and/or Related Parties (or you) means any legal entity or individual who has expressed interest in using our services, uses them or has previously used them or is otherwise related to the services provided by the Company, i.e. is a family member, beneficial owner, representative of the Merchant’s company, etc.

Logo means a registered trademark protected by copyright and legally owned by the Company, and such trademark is protected by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Cookies means a small piece of data sent by a web server for storage on a Merchant’s and/or user’s computer in the form of a file so that this information could be retrieved by the website the next time you visit such website. This file is sent to the web server each time in an HTTP request when you try to open the page of the corresponding website. Cookies may be used on some Web pages to help you access a website faster and easier.

Privacy Shield means the requirements of the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and storage of personal data transferred from the European Union (including European Economic Area countries), the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, as appropriate, to the United States, relying on the Privacy Shield.

  • You can find the above terms on third-party links on the Pay2Bee website.

2.3. In this Policy, the name Pay2Bee and all the pronouns “we”, “us”, “our” will refer to Pay2Bee, including its founders, developers, directors, investors, employees and persons specified in this Policy. 

2.4. Terms not defined in this policy shall have the meanings set forth in the General Agreement.


3.1. Pay2Bee carries out activities involving the collection of personal data provided by the Merchant and/or other third parties.

3.2. Pay2Bee processes Merchants’ personal data and can receive such data in the following ways:

3.2.1. By directly requesting the data from the Merchant (using a registration form).

3.2.2. By automatically recording website visits by the Merchant.

3.2.3. When this website is visited, the Company may receive and record technical information from a browser: IP address, cookies and address of the requested page.

3.2.4. By contacting us by phone, email or otherwise.

3.2.5. By using publicly available information. Such information may be considered personal data and, therefore, may be used and processed by Pay2Bee in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania, international treaties, rules and regulations of relevant organizations, and provisions of this Privacy Policy.

3.3. The Merchant may visit this website without providing any personal data, however, if the Merchant intends to use the services offered on the Pay2Bee website, the Merchant is obliged to provide the Company with the following information: registration address of the Merchant’s company and the actual address of such company, contact phone number, Merchant’s company name; full name of officials (applicants) of the Merchant’s company; email address, and other information.

3.4. Pay2Bee shall administer the following personal data: full name of an individual; place of birth; date of birth; citizenship, place of residence (whereabouts); details of the individual’s identity documents; personal code; TIN; contact telephone number; e-mail address; photos; signature; ownership of immovable/movable property and rights to it; information about current and/or past financial and/or property obligations, performance deadlines, information about performance of these obligations and other information relating to the assessment of your creditworthiness and financial situation; records of telephone conversations and data provided during the conversations, other information and details enabling to identify the individual in respect of whom the request is made and provided to Pay2Bee. The Company may request other information in accordance with applicable laws, provisions of this Privacy Policy, and other terms and conditions of Pay2Bee, at its sole discretion.

3.5. Personal data provided by the Merchant shall be processed for the following purposes:

3.5.1. To correctly identify you and maintain business relations with you.

3.5.2. To assess your solvency, creditworthiness, risk related to the performance of obligations and, if you have a debt, to manage your debt.

3.5.3. To prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism or other illegal activities.

3.5.4. To ensure your safety and the safety of the Company’s employees and to ensure public order.

3.5.5. To protect Pay2Bee’s rights and interests.

3.6. The Merchant and other individuals may change their browser settings so that cookies are not accepted, but in this case some website functionality may become inaccessible and the information can be displayed incorrectly.

3.7. Like most website managers, Pay2Bee controls website visits and collects the following information: the number of people who visited websites, server domain, Internet service provider, local information (device’s GPS signal or information about nearby Wi-Fi points and cell towers, which can be transferred to the appropriate cellular network operator when the visitor uses the content of this web resource), etc. This information is used to improve the quality of services provided by Pay2Bee.

3.8. The Company undertakes, without the consent of the owner of Personal Data and other information, not to disclose personal data to any third parties, except where such disclosure of information or any part thereof is required by the applicable law and where it is required for reasons specified in paragraph 3 of this Policy.

3.9. According to the above, the Company may disclose your personal data to:

  • Banks, financial and payment institutions or other providers of payment services (including payment initiation services and account information services), insurance companies (including insurance intermediaries, insurance brokers);
  • Personal data processors or managers processing joint debtor data files or whose activities are associated with debt recovery, administration or use;
  • Bank of Lithuania, correspondent banks or other intermediaries (e.g., clearing houses, settlement agents, brokerage firms, collective investment companies, investment management companies, etc.) involved in the implementation of securities payment or settlement systems and/or involved in the management of these operations;
  • Law enforcement agencies, courts, other dispute settlement bodies;
  • Third parties installing, administering or otherwise managing the software used by the Company;
  • Printing and/or postal service providers in connection with the printing and/or forwarding of the Company’s messages;
  • Persons involved in the archiving and storage of contracts and other documents;
  • Electronic digital signature providers engaged by the Company;
  • Notaries, bailiffs, lawyers, attorneys, consultants, auditors, other service providers, which the Company uses to provide the Merchants with necessary services;
  • Other third parties (intermediaries) processing Personal Data on behalf the Company or under agreements concluded with Pay2Bee;
  • Potential or existing successors of the Company’s business or its part or their authorized consultants or persons.

3.10. In order to provide certain services, Personal Data may be transferred and processed outside these territories (e.g., through debt collection processes), provided that the personal data protection level is maintained, namely:

  • Data is transferred to the United States, which adhere to the Privacy Shield principles;
  • A data transfer agreement has been concluded by the Company with the data recipients in accordance with the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, GDPR requirements;
  • The data recipient is a national of the state, which is included in the list of EU states providing an adequate level of data protection.

3.11. Pay2Bee reserves the right to hire third parties at its sole discretion to perform certain functions under this Policy and other regulations of the Company on behalf of Pay2Bee.

3.12. The personal data owner is considered to have been informed and agrees that the Company is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of such data by third parties to the extent permitted by law. In all other cases, personal data may be disclosed to third parties only in the manner prescribed by the applicable law.

3.13. Personal data shall be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the Personal Data are processed or for a period specified or permitted by law. The Company shall keep your personal data for as long as you use the services of Pay2Bee and for 5 years after you stop using the services of the Company. At our discretion, we may keep personal data for a reasonable period of time necessary to fulfill legal obligations. In addition, Pay2Bee shall separately store or delete personal data of those users who have agreed to maintain records of certain information for an agreed period of time.

For direct marketing purposes (in the form of advertising or other special offers), we shall keep your personal data until your express disapproval.


4.1. Personal data subjects shall have the right to request information about their personal data that is stored in Pay2Bee and familiarize themselves with the process of their processing. Such data may be provided free of charge once a year and otherwise a fee may be charged for the provision of such data in the amount not exceeding a data delivery price.

4.2. The personal data subject shall be obliged to provide accurate and comprehensive information in accordance with the terms and conditions of Pay2Bee. If the personal data subject provides inaccurate and/or incomplete personal data, he/she shall be liable in accordance with the applicable law.

4.3. The personal data subject who provides his/her personal data shall have the opportunity to correct any errors or inaccuracies, and this service shall be provided by Pay2Be free of charge.

4.4. In the event of any change in the data provided by the personal data subject, the latter undertakes to immediately notify Pay2Bee during the day on which such changes occurred.

4.5. Any requests for access, correction and rejection and notifications of changes shall be sent to [email protected] Such messages must specify your full name and the name of the applicant according to registration data.

4.6. No later than one month after receiving your request, the Company shall provide (even with a negative response) information about the actions that Pay2Be has taken after receiving your request to exercise rights, or information indicating the reason for not taking the requested action. The deadline for providing the requested information may, if necessary, be extended for another two months depending on the complexity and amount of processed data and scope of services provided.

Pay2Bee may refuse to process your request to exercise rights or may charge an appropriate fee if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive and in other cases provided by law.


5.1. By registering in Pay2Bee system, the personal data subject agrees to the processing of his/her personal data by Pay2Bee and voluntarily consents to receive notifications, messages and other warnings of services and agreements concluded between Pay2Bee and the Merchant.

5.2. Additionally, when registering on the Pay2Bee website, the Merchant confirm his/her consent to receive informational, commercial and other mailings.


6.1. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect Merchants’ personal data, Pay2Bee cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted through this web resource. Any transmission is at the risk of the personal data owner. Once we have received the information, we will use strict procedures and security rules to prevent unauthorized access.


7.1. Pay2Bee shall not be responsible for the protection of confidential data if third-party websites are used even if these websites are accessible through links located on Pay2Bee’s web resource. Pay2Bee recommends that you independently read the terms of services and other information on such website.


88.1. Unless specified otherwise, the software required for the Company’s services is available and/or used on the Company’s web resource, and intellectual property rights (including copyright) to the content of and information on the website belong to the Company. The Merchant is not allowed to reproduce, translate, adapt and/or otherwise use any part of Pay2Bee’s website (any content, logo, software, products, services, etc.) in the commercial activities of third parties.

8.2. During the term of the agreement concluded between the Company and the Merchant (in accordance with the applicable law), the Company shall provide the Merchant using Pay2Bee’s services with the opportunity to demonstrate on Pay2Bee’s web resource a description of their services and products sold for free. However, in this case, Pay2Bee shall have the right to remove such description and/or the Merchant’s logo from Pay2Bee’s services without any notice and not to advertise it without indicating the reasons for removal or to completely refuse such advertising at any time without giving reasons.

7.3. The Merchant using Pay2Bee’s services agrees to the use of his/her name and/or logo by the Company for direct marketing purposes (e.g., indicate that the Merchant uses the services provided by Pay2Bee).


8.1. We guarantee the security and protection of confidential data received from the Merchant and public data files (if this is not contrary to the applicable legislation of the Republic of Lithuania). To protect such data from unauthorized access, use, copying or disclosure, Pay2Bee shall use various administrative, technical and other data security tools.


9.1. This Privacy Policy does not contravene the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes arising in connection with this policy shall be resolved by negotiation and, if an agreement cannot be reached, any such disputes shall be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.2. This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time, at the discretion of Pay2Bee. By accepting the terms and conditions of this policy, you acknowledge and agree that you assume the responsibility to periodically check the Policy and its terms and conditions and receive notifications of any amendments.

9.3. If you do not wish to accept any amendments to the Policy, you should not continue to use the services of Pay2Bee. The further use of the services after the adoption and entry into force of the amendments shall imply the automatic acceptance of the terms and conditions.