About Us

Who are we?

Pay2Bee is the payment systems aggregator which allows Internet-based companies to organize their payment activities the most convenient and profitable way. We also provide assistance by the customers verification and creation of acquiring procedure. We already have an impressive record of our satisfied online-business partners, who significantly increased profitability of their projects in the - foremost but not only - exchange trading fields and other activities that require the services we provide.



We strive to make financial transactions extremely convenient, intuitively-easy and fast for our partners and users - as well, to create an ideal payment system for online-based business.


Convenient and safe payment system is a necessary condition which reflects the number of sales and services in a direct way. Therefore, we are always focused on the future development of our clients, by giving assistance to the companies with the payment service issues.


Aiming at a close and mutually beneficial partnership always brings positive results. We strive to offer our clients highly lucrative partnership conditions for our mutual future development.